Stair-Fixturing Hardware

Glass Flooring Systems

When designing a glass staircase that features glass stair treads and landings, a key element to consider is the hardware that connects the glass to the stair stringer. At Glass Flooring Systems, we offer a variety of fixturing options that are precision-crafted down to the finest detail. Please see below to view our stair-fixturing hardware options:

Embedded (In-Glass) Fixturing

Spider Brackets

Point Fixturing 

Mounting Brackets

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To help you design the stair system that will best meet your needs and exceed your expectations, we provide our support and expertise at every step, from design conceptualization to the final installation. Contact an Applications Specialist to learn more or to start designing a custom glass-stair system. 

Standard Features

Flush mount hardware from top
Lunaris T stair tread with flush mount hardware Lunaris X stair tread with embeded mouting hardware Sair tread mounting bracket Sair tread mounting bracket2 Stair tread Mounting Hardware

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*Each job has different conditions that will impact final load bearing capabilities of the assembly. Please refer to our load chart on our resources page for accurate load assessments. Each job needs to be reviewed by our engineer for final load bearing evaluation.