SkyFloor® Walkable Skylights Series 2000

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Glass Flooring Systems’ SkyFloor® Series 2000 ultra-high-performance walkable skylights offer architects and designers an easy way to integrate walkable skylights into their plans with footprints and features designed for a variety of application requirements. We’ve developed the industry’s highest-performing thermally broken walk-on skylight, which has been comprehensively tested to ensure compliance with the National Fenestration Rating Council’s (NFRC) stringent requirements.

Like all our SkyFloor® systems, the Series 2000 walkable skylight is available in pedestal-paver and recessed configurations, two unique perimeter-framing profiles that are ideal for enhancing rooftops, decks, and terraces. This series boasts several new features and enhancements: 

  • Industry-leading U values of 0.32 and SHGC values of 0.27
  • Industry’s first fully thermally broken frame utilizing Ensinger Insulbar®
  • Patented integrated gutter system
  • Patented mechanical glass-hold-down system engineered to restrict uplift pressures
  • Triple-laminated, low-emissivity insulated glass for strength, security, and maximum energy efficiency
  • AAMA 2605 high-performance painted finish
  • Low-iron glass, which enhances the beauty and improves the clarity of the glass
  • Back-painted glass around perimeter for a clean, crisp appearance
  • Argon or Krypton gas-filled insulated glass for optimal thermal performance
  • Quanex® Tri-Seal™ Super Spacer, which is one of the most thermally efficient insulated-glass (IG) warm-edge spacers on the market today
  • Double- and triple-insulated unit options
  • 24 available anti-slip textures
  • Proprietary 6063-T6 aluminum construction reduces weight for faster installation
  • Stepped frame assembly that shifts weight away from the IG spacer
  • Fully independent, self-supported structural framing, engineered for 100 psf live load
  • Designed-in, snap-on setting blocks 
  • ENERGY STAR® rated

The Glass

Glass Flooring Systems SkyFloor® offers the most innovative structural glass package available, which includes a host of dynamic features that make our walkable skylights unmatched in the industry.  Our triple-laminated glass assembly is engineered for passive redundancy with panels that are fabricated using three layers of low-iron, tempered glass with structural Saflex® DG or SentryGlas interlayers. Our structural glass delivers exceptional safety and design flexibility, with the top layer consisting of a safe, non-slip surface that allows light to filter into the space below. 

To ensure superior performance, we team best-in-class materials with innovative design features that together create the industry’s most advanced insulated-glass package. We start by incorporating Guardian Glass® high-quality, low-emissivity (low-E) coatings into our insulated-glass units. Low-E glass is formulated to reflect heat back to its source, so it helps your interior space stay cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. Next, we boost thermal performance further with Quanex® Tri-Seal™ Super Spacer, a warm-edge spacer that virtually eliminates thermal conductivity at the edge of the IG unit. 

To enhance the insulative properties of the entire glass assembly, we fill the air space between the layers with Argon or Krypton gas, with the option to choose from a double- or triple-insulated unit. We complete the glass package with a ceramic back-paint at the perimeter, which creates a crisp, clean view from above. By combining all of these innovative features into our insulated-glass package, we’re able to offer you walkable skylights that are unrivaled in safety, performance, and beauty.

The Frame

Our SkyFloor® framing system has been purpose-built with proprietary and patented components that ensure our walkable skylights are the highest-performing and most visually appealing available. 

Series 2000 ultra-high-performance walk-on skylights offer a host of new and innovative features, including our integrated internal gutter/weep system. These gutters are designed into both the perimeter and rafter framing members to create a singular, redundant line of defense against water intrusion. Additionally, we’ve incorporated our exclusive inter-frame flashing at all seams and corners.

For the ultimate in energy efficiency, we design our Series 2000 framing system with an Ensinger Insulbar® extruded thermal break. This creates an optimal barrier against heat transfer between the exterior framing elements and your interior living space.

We’ve built in an exclusive patented mechanical glass-hold-down system specifically engineered to restrict uplift pressures. This feature enables our walk-on skylights to be used in a variety of severe applications, such on the roofs of high-rise buildings and in other extreme, high-wind settings. 

Our proprietary 6063-T6 aluminum perimeter framing is available in pedestal or recessed configurations for ease of integration into a variety of outdoor environments. Our pedestal design was created to specifically to be used in conjunction with pedestal pavers, floating decks, and green roofs. By contrast, our recessed design is intended for use with a limited finished-floor height. Your finished floor height will be a strong driver in determining which profile will be best suited to your specific project. We can also customize or modify either perimeter frame type to adapt your unique site conditions.  Our rafter supports, which are available in traditional “T” and “I” shapes, create a clean appearance with a modern aesthetic.

 We’ve also integrated a patented stepped-frame design that isolates the structural loading from the IGU spacer. Each of SkyFloor’s® framing members has its own specifically matched EPDM snap-on setting gasket, which creates a clean look and finish. Lastly, we have designed in an LED light channel with a frosted-lens diffuser (LEDs not included) to allow edge lighting of the glass. Standard throughout our framing are 316 stainless-steel fasteners.

Our exclusive, fully independent, self-supported aluminum framing members deliver exceptional structural integrity and design flexibility. The strength of this framing system means our SkyFloor® walkable skylights can be made with much longer spans, enabling more dramatic, expansive spaces to be designed without the need for additional structural elements. 

Easy Installation

Whether you purchase one of our fully glazed units or a prefabricated knock-down assembly, you’ll receive a system that’s user-friendly with an intuitive installation process. Leveraging our engineering and design expertise, we’ve built walkable skylights that are simple and straightforward to install.

Unrivaled Products and Unsurpassed Support

To assist you in designing the walkable skylights that will best meet your needs and exceed your expectations, we provide our comprehensive data, product support, and engineering expertise at every step, from design conceptualization to the final installation. Contact an Applications Specialist to learn more or to start designing a custom walkable skylight system.

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*Each job has different conditions that will impact final load bearing capabilities of the assembly. Please refer to our load chart on our resources page for accurate load assessments. Each job needs to be reviewed by our engineer for final load bearing evaluation.