When you work with Glass Flooring Systems, you’re working with the industry’s top glass manufacturer, where we design, engineer, and fabricate the most innovative structural glass components and systems available. Every structural-glass product and system we offer requires some sort of engineering to ensure it functions optimally and safely. Engineering is essential to everything we do, and a large measure of the value we deliver to you lies in our engineering prowess.

So, from your first point of contact with us, we work tirelessly to ensure you’re benefiting from our expertise. We can provide engineered shop drawings for any state in the U.S., which can even include glass-specific calculations. We can provide separate reports on the glass itself or drawings that include calculations on an entire assembly. No matter how rigorous or demanding your requirements are, we’re ideally suited to the task. To that end, we offer a depth and breadth of engineering services and supports that are unique to Glass Flooring Systems:

  • We produce pre-engineered systems based on various live load requirements and other specified guidelines to assist you in identifying your design parameters
  • We offer pre-production engineering to help ensure the product or system you’ve chosen meets municipal requirements prior to production
  • If you need “just glass,” we can provide you with engineering-calculation reports, which specify the loads the structural glass can handle based on your design plans
  • If you’re interested in a complete glass-flooring system, including the glass and the frame, we offer state-specific sealed/stamped drawings, which are vetted by a licensed professional engineer. These can help you identify the system that fits your specific setting or applications.

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