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Glass Flooring Systems

Glass Flooring Systems offers many options for your structural- and walkable-glass applications. Whether you are a metal fabricator looking to add glass to your design or a homeowner wanting to bring light into a darkened space, we have the glass you need. From glass for walkable skylights and flooring to glass for bridges, terraces, and stairs, we provide products of unparalleled quality, strength, and durability.

Standard Features

All our glass is available with these innovative features and options:

  • 24 fully tested nonslip top layers including our proprietary Seeded Organic® top layer
  • Low-iron content, which eliminates the green or blue coloring from the glass and offers outstanding clarity
  • Insulated or non-insulated glass panel
  • Ceramic back-painting
  • Custom-engineered structural-glass interlayer options
  • Embedded mechanical fixturing components within the glass
  • Post-lamination polished edges
  • Heat-soaking
  • Tempering
  • Heat-strengthening
  • Engineering calculations, shop drawings, and other resources

Top Layer

The top layer of each glass panel consists of a safe, non-slip surface that can also serve as a form of artistic expression, with dozens of patterns, textures, and finishes that meet or exceed the ASTM safety standards, making your glass as safe as it is beautiful. Please visit our Anti-Slip Walkable Surfaces to learn more about your options for customizing your glass flooring surface.


Whether you’re purchasing “just glass” or an entire system, we can provide engineered shop drawings for any state in the U.S., which can even include glass-specific calculations. We can provide separate reports on the glass itself or drawings that include calculations on an entire assembly. No matter what you need, we provide you with the necessary materials and expertise.

Glass Finishing

Not all edges are created equal. Post-lamination polishing is an additional step we can take that creates a perfect finish on exposed edges. This process produces an elegant, crystal-clear edge that’s perfectly smooth and ensures all the layers are perfectly aligned.

We also offer many design solutions that allow you to custom-tailor the look of your structural-glass panels in order to perfectly complement their surrounding spaces. These include through-holes, countersunk holes, notching, cutouts, and customized shapes.

Other finishing options include back painting with ceramic inks, silk screening, decorative meshing, and digital printing. Contact us to learn more about these options.

Unrivaled Products and Unsurpassed Support

No matter where you plan to use our structural glass, they’re sure to enhance their surroundings. To assist you in designing the structural glass panel that will best meet your needs and exceed your expectations, our team of experts is available to discuss and assess your unique requirements. Contact an Applications Specialist to learn more or to start designing a custom structural-glass panel.

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*Each job has different conditions that will impact final load bearing capabilities of the assembly. Please refer to our load chart on our resources page for accurate load assessments. Each job needs to be reviewed by our engineer for final load bearing evaluation.