Lamination is a critical component of walkable skylights and glass flooring. Glass Flooring Systems offers two different structural interlayer options Saflex® Structural DG and SentryGlas®.

sheets of glass
Why SentryGlas®?

The SentryGlas® interlayer is five times stronger and up to 100 times stiffer than conventional laminating materials. With this kind of strength the glass can be a more active structural element in the building envelope, opening up design possibilities that didn’t exist before. Besides its strength, SentryGlas® ionoplast interlayer provides superior and lasting beauty. Glass Flooring Systems recommends SentryGlas® to help architects and builders do more with less, creating innovative new spaces, while providing greater protection for the building occupants.

Interlayer Design Options

In addition to the structural interlayers, Glass Flooring Systems offers a number of design options for your interlayer choices. These options include digital printed interlayers, decorative meshes or colored laminations. Contact an Applications Specialist to learn more about adding a design element to your walkable skylights and glass flooring. For more information on our interlayer options check out the links below.

SentryGlas® – glasslaminatingsolutions.kuraray.com/products/sentryglasr-ionoplast-interlayer
Eastman Saflex PVB – www.saflex.com/structural
Vanceva colored interlayers – www.vanceva.com