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SkyFloor Model FA-TB4x4x4

size chart
size chart

Our SkyFloorTM fully assembled, fully glazed, fully engineered units are shipped ready for installation. Each SkyFloorTM fully assembled unit is secured to a pallet for shipping using factory drilled mounting holes and factory supplied eye bolts. The eye bolts used for shipping perform double duty. In addition to securing the units for shipping, if needed, they allow for easy rigging of the unit to the required installation location. Once the unit is set in place the holes can be used to secure the unit to its final location. No drilling or cutting required. Simply set in place, secure using factory drilled holes and have your roofer or waterproofing contractor complete the waterproofing. There is no easier way to provide a functional, safe, beautiful walkable skylight into your project.

Standard and industry first features

  • Thermally broken frames with insulated unit applications
  • 6063-T6 Aluminum construction
  • Fully independent structural framing
  • Insulated Glass Units
  • Stepped design to transfer load of the structural floor glazing off the Insulated Glass Unit.
  • Integrated LED lighting. Optional
  • Designed in snap on setting blocks (80-90 shore as required for structural glass flooring)
  • Adjustable cap with backer rod stop. Allows for various glass thicknesses without any redesign.

SkyFloorTM standard units come in either white or black with custom colors available upon request.

Contact an Applications Specialist for more information.
To place an order call 862-701-5320 or email
* a pitch of the unit is recommended for exterior installations. Contact Glass Flooring Systems with your applications details for installation recommendations.
* Custom Sizes available upon request.
* Drawings and illustration not to scale.