US Glass Magazine award

GFS vs. Competition

Glass Flooring Systems
Patented Design
Fully Thermally Broken frame
Snap on Gaskets. 80-90 shore as required for structural glass flooring.
Adjustable top cap
SentryGlas interlayer
Optional Additional cost
Pre engineered
Integrated LED lighting
6063-T6 Aluminum construction
Standard size units
Patented step design to transfer load away from the IGU spacer
Fully independent structural framing. Engineered for 100 lbs per sq. ft. live load

Currently there are many shortcomings and drawbacks associated with the current offerings of the walk on skylight and glass flooring industry. Poor design, lack of third party testing as well as high costs, are just a few of the pitfalls. Glass Flooring Systems solves these issues with a combination of our patented designs, our strategic business plan and our extensive network of suppliers.

As you can see from the chart above, Glass Flooring Systems has the clear advantage over the competition.

Innovative Features:

  • Thermally broken frames with insulated unit applications
  • 6063-T6 aluminum construction
  • Fully independent structural framing
  • Stepped design to transfer the load of the structural floor glazing off the insulated glass unit
  • Integrated LED lighting (Optional)
  • Designed in snap on setting blocks (80-90 shore as required for structural glass flooring)
  • Adjustable cap with backer rod stop. Allows for various glass thicknesses without any redesign
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